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About Us

Serving Those Who Have Served Us at Every Turn

The mission of PTSD Dogs and Tags of Wyoming is to assist people suffering from PTSD/TBI. We are committed to finding and training dogs for companionship and support for PTSD/ TBI victims in their daily living. Dogs & Tags goal is to work alongside therapists to ensure all needs are met, so that the individual and their dog may be successful.


Our Story

The use of service dogs as a form of therapy for individuals living with PTSD, especially for veterans, is becoming increasingly common. A service dog is at a veteran’s side 24 hours a day to help navigate daily stressors. Some animals come to the veteran pre-trained with a set of commands, while others are trained by the owners themselves. Over time, an owner can rely upon the dog’s instincts for a reality check, giving their brain a break from hypervigilance. The animals can also serve as a social buffer, an incentive to exercise and a de-escalation tool during times of stress.

Meet The Team

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